Book chapter on urban regeneration and urban design.

Contributions on European Urbanism for academic text book.


European Conference paper on low cost data used for measuring energy efficiency.

modern methods of retrofitting

Research into the use of Modern Methods of Construction for retrofitting UK social housing to Passivhaus standard.

leeds conference





Hosting the CEU 2nd European Conference on Sustainable Urbanism in Leeds.


European conference on sustainable masterplanning.

civic pioneers

Inclusion in the UK's Home Office Best practice guide to civil renewal.

Report for the UK's Depertment of Trade and Industry on the Low Carbon Economy in Canada and the USA.

roundtableRoundtable TV debate on urban regeneration in eastern Europe.

ne1 want to live here reportResearch report on attitudes to urban living in the North.

Follow-up 6th Framework project report for the European Commission on youth exclusion.

case report cover Contributions to a European Commission report on best practice addressing social exclusion.

Report for the European Commission on social exclusion and renegeration.


Academic book chapter on sustainable urban design and management systems.

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Crilly, Michael; Lemon, Mark; Wright, Andrew J; Cook, Matthew B and Shaw, David (2012) "Retrofitting Homes for Energy Efficiency: Integrated Approach to Innovation in the Overhaul of UK Social Housing". Energy and Environment 23(6-7) pp1027-1056. Download the paper here.

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Viewpoints on Northern Architecture Record and response to recent events and debates. Link to the viewpoint.

Crilly, Michael (2008) Stockton Middlesbrough Initiative Green Blue Heart (CABE@ Tees valley, Stockton). Project enabling, capacity building and transnational benchmarking report here. We were project enablers and author.

Crilly, Michael (2008) Corporation Road, Middlesbrough: Development Brief Case Study (CABE@ Tees valley, Stockton). Project enabling and options study on tall buildings in Middlesbrough. We were project enablers and author.

Crilly, Michael (2008) Design for Development Case Study (CABE@ Tees Valley, Stockton). Project enabling report on evidencing local urban design policies. We were project enablers and author.

Crilly, Michael (2008) Feethams Masterplan, Darlington (CABE@ Tees Valley, Stockton). Project enabling, capacity building, scoping and client brief report. We were project enablers and author.

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Gaffney, Maire (2005) Civic Pioneers: Local people, local government, working together to make life better - A report by the Civil Renewal Unit (Home Office, London). Our work on the Byker Urban Design included as a detailed case study of best practice in Government endorsed national guide.

INREB (Ed.) (October 2005) Towards a Low Carbon Society (Department of Trade and Industry, London). A report of transferable case study experience and analysis from Canada and USA on actions for a low carbon economy, based on a trade mission undertaken during June 2005 with INREB Faraday Partnership on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry GlobalWatch programme. We were a study participant and joint author of the report.

Crilly, Michael (2005) "Practical Design Coding". Design Matters: Making Successful Places RTPI Conference, 21 March, Gala Theatre, Durham. Reflective paper and conference presentation reviewing the ODPM / CABE pilot programme on urban design coding.

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GURU (January 2005) "Developing a Statement of Community Involvement". Collaborative Project Report with Newcastle University. Part of the Byker Urban Design Competition and Active Partners Audit on Codesign.

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Crilly. Michael et al (Ed.) (2003) Understanding Social Exclusion as a Learning Process (Newcastle City Council, Newcastle upon Tyne). Summary of a unique project of action-research by excluded young people within the partner municipalities of Malmö [Sweden], Newcastle upon Tyne / Gateshead [UK] and Rotterdam [Netherlands], undertaken as part of the supporting evidence base for city-wide regeneration activities. It is an extension to the earlier 'Dimensions' report.

Crilly, Michael and Maurice, Leon (February 2003) "Sharing of experience on local level actions in combating poverty and social exclusion - HUBS Help Us Be Sccessful: Partnership working in a community-controlled ICT project". The EU Strategy for Social Inclusion: Making it Work at the Local Level EUROCITIES and European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) Conference, Athens 28 February - 1 March.

Madanipour, Ali (January 2003) Cities Action Against Social Exclusion CASE(Eurocities, Brussels). Case study contributions to transnational report on benchmarking and responses to social exclusion.

Crilly. Michael et al (Ed.) (2002) Dimensions of Social Exclusion and Urban Change (Newcastle City Council, Newcastle upon Tyne). Report for the European Commission providing an overview of the lessons learnt from a series of ‘community mapping’ exercises undertaken in the partner municipalities of Newcastle upon Tyne [UK] and Rotterdam [Netherlands], and supported by the SMC Kiruna [Sweden]. We were the project advocate and manager.

Crilly, Michael; Johnston, Lorraine; Lockyer, Philip and Ramsey, Steve (2002) “Learning from the Excluded: Policy lessons from Youth Research in Sweden, Netherlands and UK”. Presentation to Eurocities Social Welfare Committee, Barcelonia 22nd February.

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