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We concentrate on projects that have a specific focus on low carbon communities and design. We have an in-built bias towards collaborate on projects that achieve effective results in carbon reduction and building or supporting sustainable communities. Our understanding of sustainability ensures close working and collaboration with associates; extended supply chain and a two way process of communication with end-users. This approach is embedded in all of our projects and is the basis for business development, financial assumptions and project initiation. This results in consideration of longer-term work, healthier business collaborations and better sustainability outcomes.

sustainability policy

We are northern. We understand the difference between London [and by default the south east] and the rest of the country and the influence this has on the property markets and as importantly, the culture of growth versus regeneration. A recent something caught my eye regarding a politician’s remark about being tough on London-centricity and tough on the causes of London-centricity. That’s us that is!

We tend to systematically follow a systemic approach. ‘Tend to’ in the sense that we are pragmatic and realistic. When things need doing quickly they get done quickly. But when we have time, or enough advance warning on a project, we are bias towards ‘agent’ based approach to understanding particular interventions within the urban system. A decision-making ‘agent’ [that could be an organisation, household or individual] influences the brief, options and outcomes. Understanding both existing and future ‘agents’ and lifestyles allows for flexibility and anticipation of future changes at the design stage as well as a bespoke approach to niche marketing.